To Train Strong, Eat Clean, and Live Fit.

Located in Mesa, Arizona, The Cell Gym provides a personalized fitness experience including daily high intensity training workouts, Olympic Weightlifting, Personal Training, and Kids Programs.

Our mission is to better as many lives as possible as we create the largest physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual Transformational Fitness Community in Mesa and throughout the world. 

August 21, 2019 The Cell Gym 8.21.19

The Cell Gym - WODView Public WhiteboardWarm-upSnatch warmup (No Measure)Run 400m 10 pvc pullovers 10 presses with bar or pvc behind the neck in snatch grip 10 overhead squats 10 snatch balance 10 snatch pulls 10 high pulls 10 muscle snatch 10 power snatch 10 full snatch stretchStrength...

August 20, 2019 The Cell Gym 8.20.19

The Cell Gym - WODView Public WhiteboardWarm-upWarm-Up 7 (No Measure)400M Run or 500M Row Hip M...

August 19, 2019 The Cell Gym 8.19.19

The Cell Gym - WODView Public WhiteboardWarm-upwarm up squat (No Measure)500 m row 20m skip 20m...

August 17, 2019 The Cell Gym 8.17.19

The Cell Gym - WODView Public WhiteboardWarm-upCoaches Choice (No Measure)MetconMetcon (Time)Team...


AFT (At Full Tilt) is a 60 minute class designed for every athlete.  Combining basic functional m...


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ANNOUNCEMENT: GrittyKids will run in the summer in 2 week sessions.  Check back in during the mo...

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