Nikki Slaugh: CrossFit Level-2 Coach,
I didn’t play sports as a kid, I wasn’t active in high school, then came time for college and I gained the infamous “freshman 15”. What was once a foreign idea, exercise became something I had to do to fit back into my clothes! That’s when my love affair with health and fitness began. After many (many!) years of running and globo-gym memberships, I was introduced to CrossFit in September 2012 in the basement of our very own Coach Jessica. I joined The Cell in January 2013 and haven’t turned back since! We have the best gym community out there! I am very passionate about what we do at The Cell and am very excited to give back to this wonderful community. It is my goal to inspire and motivate others to reach and surpass their goals all while having fun in the process.

Favorite movements: Deadlift & Overhead Squat
Most challenging: Rowing

When not at The Cell, I’m mom to my two kids, Nolan & Kelsey and wife to my very supportive husband, Greg.

I’ve been known to celebrate a PR with a donut. J

Most famous for my dance moves mid-WOD (and only when it’s Justin Timberlake or Bruno Mars) J