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Garrett Blackwell: CrossFit Level-1 Trainer

Garrett started back at the Original Cell Gym 1.0 at Ammon and Brooke’s house. He and two other members were looking for a way to stay in shape and a friend Garrett lived by, invited them to try a “WOD” at another local CrossFit Gym. After being completely beat down, they decided to accept the challenge and were then invited to try out The Cell Gym in Ammon’s Garage. It was a smaller atmosphere and the quality of CrossFit was even better! Garrett has been a coach since 2015. He enjoys the grind, getting better, improving himself and competing with others. It keeps him driven! Garrett says that the only thing better than seeing my own improvements is seeing others improvements. He is driven when he sees others succeed and work hard. They struggle, and yet push themselves in order to persevere. Seeing this makes him want to improve. He learns a lot from coaching, it helps him to improve and grow as a coach and a person. He loves imparting the knowledge he gains, onto the members to help them learn and grow as well.