Quest of a Lifetime Begin a journey to change your life!

Transformation Specialist, Ammon Woods has helped people around the world lose thousands of pounds and transform their lives. Ammon is passionate about ending childhood obesity and believes the most effective way to do this starts in the home.  Through education, daily habits of health, and a support community of accountability you give children the best shot of overcoming obesity.

Ammon has teamed up with Quest Nutrition to select one Arizona family who wants to transform their health by embarking  on “A Quest of a Lifetime, with Ammon Woods”.
Families will have the opportunity to submit a video explaining why they should be selected for the quest, what reaching a healthy weight would mean to them,  and how it would change their family.
Ammon will then select one family of up to 4 people to participate in a 6 month transformation of a lifetime sponsored by Quest Nutrition at a value of nearly $13,000
To be considered please send an email to  You will then be sent a link where you will be able to upload an up to three minute video of your family telling us why your family should be chosen for the quest, and what this transformation would mean for your family. THE DEADLINE TO SUBMIT VIDEO IS APRIL 18th 2014
“A Quest of a Lifetime, with Ammon Woods”
  1. A family of up to 4 people where the majority of the family needs to lose 50-200lbs per individual
  2. 6 month transformation with Ammon
  3. Families will submit a video telling us why they need our help and why they should be selected
  4. All weight loss will be tracked weekly
  5. Family will be required to take weekly progress pictures of each individual
  6. Periodic video interview and blog articles
Transformation will include:
  1. Nutrition Education
  2. Meal Guidance
  3. Grocery Shopping excursion
  4. Daily cardio on their own
  5. Weekly Group cardio session
  6. 3 high intensity workouts per week at The Cell Gym in Mesa
  7. Daily communication through Voxer
  8. Access to Ammon as needed

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