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Darla T.
  • Unexpected Benefits of Going to The Cell Gym   My husband started doing CrossFit at The Cell over two years ago to lose weight.  I really didn’t know what CrossFit was but he came home so excited about what he was doing at the gym that I joined him a month later.  Getting in shape and losing weight were our main goals for going to The Cell, and it didn’t take long to see that we were going to succeed.  However, I have been pleasantly surprised to find that going to The Cell has given us other great benefits besides bigger muscles and smaller waist sizes.   Real Friendship First, we have found a community and true friendship at The Cell.  When you work out in a group atmosphere several times a week you get to know people on a personal level. Many of the relationships we have made at The Cell have grown into friendships outside of the gym.  We text each other, help each other, share parenting tips, have dinner together and enjoy hanging out.  We love our “gym friends” and know that they’ve got our backs. I never would have expected to find such great people who mutually care about each other at a CrossFit gym.     Better Marriage For years, my husband and I were caught up in the busyness of life, building a business and raising four kids.  We had date nights but it was hard to spend a lot of time connecting.  Doing CrossFit with my husband has been the greatest blessing for our marriage.  We work out together a lot but even when our schedules don’t allow us to go to the same classes we still bond by commiserating at the end of the day about how bad the WOD was or how well we did learning a new skill.  I look across the gym and see my husband slugging out Fran or getting a PR in rowing or enduring endless burpees (which he hates!) and I feel so connected with him and so proud of him.  He cheers me on when I RX and sometimes even pats my butt when we round the corner on a run.  Releasing endorphins together really does connect us and we have The Cell Gym to thank for that.     A Fit Family Working out at The Cell has made our children healthier, too.  They have participated in CrossFit Kids and they absolutely love doing the workouts and learning the CrossFit terminology that they hear me and my husband talking about all the time.  In the last two years, we have spent a lot more time doing active family activities like hiking, rock wall climbing or going to the rec center together. But even more than all of that, our children are learning from our example what a fit lifestyle looks like.  They are growing up knowing  that setting goals and working out and eating healthy are normal.  Because they are learning these habits young, I believe they will be more likely to take those habits into adulthood.   People always tell me that they would love to do CrossFit but it’s just too expensive.  We hit a hard time financially and had to cut our budget to the bare bones but we didn’t cut CrossFit. (We cut eating out instead.)  If that money was being spent just to get a good workout we might have cut it, but the money we spend and the time we take going to The Cell gives us so much and has changed our lives for the better.  We can’t put a price on the lasting friendships, our strong marriage and a healthy family. Darla T.