Stephanie N.
  • My name is Stephanie Nix, I have been a Cell member for over 3 years. The Cell has done so much for me both physically and emotionally. I have seen major improvements in my physical fitness and strength. I can do movements that I never believed I could do in the past. My blood pressure used to be borderline high and is now in the healthy normal range. I have also put on lean muscle mass and am able to lift heavier then I ever could in the past. The owners Ammon and Brooke Woods are wonderful people and are truly dedicated to helping others improve their physical fitness. Ammon is a top notch Coach and he works hard for all of his members by programming fun and challenging workouts daily. All the Coaches are skilled and knowledgeable of the movements in our workouts and are always supportive and encouraging to all members. My husband and I love coming to The Cell and we look forward to the workouts thrown at us. We have made new lasting friendships and could not ask for a more supportive gym atmosphere. I encourage people to come try a workout or two at The Cell, I guarantee you will be hooked and will have a great time!! Stephanie N.